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Soap stacks luxury vegan soap

Soap stacks luxury vegan soap


Made from not so pretty soap ends

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Soap stacks.. these bundles are made from the 'not so pretty' ends of soap loaves.  When we cut the loaves into full sized bars we cut the ugly ends off and use them ourselves but we now have a mountain of soap ends to use!

You will receive 4-5 soap ends per bundle. This is a great way of trying different soaps. As Daisy Age soap is formulated to make a long lasting bar, these ends last longer than you would expect.

Please note that these are not as attractive as the full size bars and will have unique patterns or cocoa powder dusting the ends.

Bundles will contain various different soap ends each totalling a minimum weight of 100g. 

Each bundle is different, please note that colours, shapes, patterns and sizes of the individual ends will vary.